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Monday, March 14, 2011

Displaying Folder/Sub Folder Permission and Inheritance

Hi All,

How to quickly check where inheritance is messed up and who has what permission on different level in Folder Structure.

If just want to check on Single file or Folder use the following command
Get-Acl -Path C:\windows | FL Path, AccessToString

For Bulk use this
Now run the following command to get folder path

get-childitem P:\folderName -recurse | foreach {$_.directoryName} | Get-Unique

You can either copy from the console or redirect it to a csv file

get-childitem P:\folderName -recurse | foreach {$_.directoryName} | Get-Unique | Out-File -FilePath P:\Temp\inheritance.txt

Open the File, Add FolderName (can be anything) as header, rename the extension to .csv


import-csv -path P:\temp\inheritance.csv | %{Get-Acl $_.FolderName} | FT Path,
AreAccessRuleProtected, AccessToString -Wrap

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