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Friday, September 24, 2010

GPO Preferences in Server 2008

There is a new cool feature added in Windows Server 2008 related to GPO.
GPO Preferences are GPO setting where you can map the drives, create folders, schedule tasks, entering registery information. It's available for both computer and user configuration. These all can be done very easily using GPO preferences. In Later Server OS these needs to be done via vb or bat scripts.

Yesterday I was doing a lab for GPO preference Drive Map. Setup Win 2K8 Ent and Xp Sp 3. I created  a drive map however it didn't work. I was wondering whether it's appliable to XP OS however the GP Setting didn't mention this in Explain section. After some time of troubleshooting I came to know that you need to install a small update for GPO Preferences to work for xp and win2003.

Information about new Group Policy preferences in Windows Server 2008

After this GPO works fine and I was able to get a drive map. I also build up Win 7 using vmware and tested on it to. Works fine there as well.

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